About Us

We strive to bring new and innovative accessories to customers worldwide. From initial concept development to manufacturing and logistics, our team strives for excellence. We would love to hear what you think of our products. Email us using the link below to share with us your thoughts.

Logistics Team

Our manufacturing and logistics team consistently delivers high quality products to our retailers around the world. We strive for zero defects and on-time delivery.  You can trust us to deliver products that are as reliable as they are useful.  Contact us today if you would like to retail one or more of our products.

Design Team

We are always searching for ways to improve your favorite devices by coupling them with innovative accessories. Our design team’s technical and creative prowess has resulted in exciting breakthroughs that we have incorporated in our valued products. We are currently busy working on the next generation of product innovations.

Customer Team

Our customer support team strives to provide top quality service to our valued customers. If you have a question or need some extra help with one of our products, please contact us today to find out what makes our customer support team different.  To find our contract information, click here.

Our History

Mission Cables was founded in 2014 with the launch of the TVPower family of mini USB power cables for Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, and Fire TV Stick. Shortly after the release of these initial products, we debuted the world’s first USB charging cable for Philips Norelco Razors as well as a family of speciality cables for Google’s popular Nest Cam.

In 2015 the company provided two key innovations for the fast growing streaming media player industry. The first was a patent-pending cable accessory that includes proprietary circuitry that enhances the peak power capability of TV USB ports, thereby enabling customers to power their streaming media player directly from their TV. The second was the introduction of our Piggyback Remote family of universal TV add-on remotes for streaming media players that eliminate the need to manage multiple remotes.

Our Founder

Brian Wengreen founded Mission Cables in 2014 with the goal of introducing innovations to the way we power our personal devices. With years of product development and marketing experience in the semiconductor industry, Brian brings a passion for identifying everyday problems and then addressing them with practical and marketable solutions.

In addition to Mission Cables, Brian co-founded Innovelis in 2007 and founded Grammar Labs in 2012.  Both companies have grown to become leaders in their respective fields. Brian graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has an MBA from Purdue University.  When he is not managing his companies, he can normally be found spending time with his six kids.