Our Innovations

Mission Cables USB Power Cable for Fire TV Stick

Mission Power Cables

We have developed an innovative patent-pending system where we embed power management circuitry into our Mission Power USB power cables for streaming media devices in order to increase the peak power output capability of TV USB ports. Without our proprietary technology, it would be impossible to power these devices directly from a USB port.

With our Mission Power USB cable system, you can eliminate the hassle of using an AC outlet to power your favorite media devices by powering them directly from your TV’s USB power port, avoiding the clutter of an extra power cord dangling from your TV and simplifying your streaming media player setup.

Piggyback Remotes

Streaming Media Players, like Roku and Fire TV, enhance our entertainment experience, but they have a major drawback. The proprietary remotes that come with each unit use Bluetooth rather than IR transmit technology, so they are incompatible with TVs. Thus, users are forced to hassle with two different remotes to control their viewing experience.

Our family of Piggyback Remotes solves this problem by making it easy and inexpensive to add a simple universal TV remote to the back of your Roku or Fire TV remote. Our patent pending system attaches the tiny universal TV remote to the back of the Roku or Fire TV remote by replacing the battery door.  Just remove your battery cover and then snap on our Piggyback Remote. Instantly, your Fire TV or Roku remote will be able to control the power, input, volume, and mute on your TV. Never again worry about searching for your TV remote simply so that you can enjoy your Fire TV or Roku.

Battery Bases

We were the first company to recognize the need for a battery accessory to make smart audio devices like Amazon Echo portable.  In 2016, we released the world’s first Battery Base and since then have been the leader in this area.  These new products have allowed users to unleash Amazon Echo and other similar devices from the power outlet, opening up a wide array of new use cases.

The Battery Base products include high efficiency designs that maximize the portable play time as well as intelligent battery management with industry standard safety and advanced control features.  Our soft silicone attachment mechanism offers a secure fit for the Battery Base while still being easily removable, if needed.

Intellectual Property

Mission Cables is rapidly growing its portfolio of intellectual property. As each new innovation is prepared for market launch, a corresponding array of patents and trademarks are registered in order to protect our inventions. We are aggressive about defending our intellectual property, so before developing products that may infringe on our IP, we highly recommend consulting with a registered patent attorney about the danger of patent infringement.

“Intellectual property lies at the core of any innovation driven business, including Mission Cables. Because our legal system is designed to reward innovators and punish copiers, I am dedicated to relentlessly protecting and enforcing Mission Cables’ intellectual property rights.”

—Wes Schwie, Schwie Law, LLC