Piggyback Remote for Fire TV Stick Basic Remote

Eliminate the hassle of separately managing your TV remote and Fire TV Stick remote. Attach the simple Piggyback Universal TV remote to the back of your Fire TV Stick remote and then control your basic TV functions directly from your Fire TV Stick remote.

Programming the Piggyback Remote to replace your TV’s remote is simple. Watch the video below to learn how it works.

Mission Power USB Cables

We have developed an innovative patent-pending system where we embed power management circuitry into our Mission Power USB power cables for media devices in order to increase the peak power output capability of TV USB ports.

With our Mission Power USB cable system, you can eliminate the hassle of using an AC outlet to power your favorite media devices by powering them directly from your TV’s USB power port. Avoid the clutter of an extra power cord dangling from your TV and simplify your media player setup.