Mission Power USB Power Cable for Roku Express

Ideal Way to Power Roku Express

Mission Power USB power cable simplifies the setup of your Roku. Just connect the cable to your TV’s USB port and to your Roku to start streaming movies to your TV.

No AC Wall Outlet Required

Use the Mission Power USB power cable in place of the AC/DC adapter included with your Roku, thus eliminating the need for an AC wall outlet.

Not only is powering your Roku from your USB port more convenient, it also de-cluttters your TV area by eliminating the need for the long cables that typically hang behind your TV.

Compatible with all USB Ports

Our cable includes special circuitry that increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port. By powering your Roku with our cable, your TV will be able to support the power requirements of the Roku even during the most demanding usage cases, ensuring a glitch-free user experience.

Integrated Energy Storage Sytem

Our patent pending system increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port by storing excess energy during periods when the Roku draws less power and then releasing it during those times when the power consumption peaks. With our cable, your viewing experience will never be interrupted by glitches and resets caused by insufficient power delivered by the TV’s USB port to the Roku.

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Compatible with Roku 1/2/3

The Mission Power USB Cable for Roku is compatible with all versions of Roku 3 and the 2015 and newer versions of Roku 1 and Roku 2. Our cable is not compatible with Roku 4.

Customer Comments

This product took less than 2 minutes to hook up and it now freed up one power outlet and one Ethernet cable and locked on to my WiFi signal without a problem. Everything is now in the back of my 27″ Seiki that is mounted on the wall. This is a Fantastic product and well worth the money. I VERY highly recommend this product.


Works very well with my Roku 3. Hooked up in seconds and eliminates a long cable to my surge protector, providing a space for another gadget. Would recommend it to everyone. Excellent company that has the consumers convenience in mind.


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It does as advertised. It eliminates the power cord, so when you shut down your TV, it shuts down the Roku. Less clutter behind the TV.



Is this cable compatible with Roku 4?

No, this cable only works with Roku 1/2/3.  Roku 4 requires a different sized DC power input plug.

How does your cable work?

Our Mission Power USB power cable for Roku includes special circuitry that stores excess energy when available from the USB port and then releases it during peak power demand periods.  In this way there is always sufficient power available to the Roku.