AC Outlet Wall Mount for Nest Cam

MC14 Size

Easiest Way to Mount Nest Cam

Mount your Nest Cam to any AC outlet effortlessly.  Avoid the hassle of attaching a mount to a wall.  This stylistic mount blends perfectly with Nest Cam thereby giving you the ideal setup.

Our patent pending system uses the AC/DC power adapter from Nest Cam along with our mount to attach Nest Cam to the wall.

MC14 2 Size

Avoid Wall Damage

Traditional wall mounts can damage your wall.  Avoid this problem by using our mount that attaches Nest Cam to the wall. Simply plug it into any AC wall outlet.

MC14 3 Size

Move Nest Cam from Room to Room

Your surveillance needs change from time to time.  Don’t get stuck with only one mount location for your Nest Cam.  With our mount, you can easily move Nest Cam from room to room.  It’s just a matter of unplugging it and moving it to another AC outlet.

MC14 5 Size

Simple to Install

Just snap in the Nest Cam and Nest AC/DC power adapter and then plug it into your wall.  No tools are necessary.  The package includes a mini USB power cable to connect the Nest Cam to the power AC/DC adapter.

MC14 6 Size

Maximize Viewing Area

The 130 degree wide angle camera included in Nest Cam ensures that there is a large viewable area in the room, even when attached to the AC power outlet.

MC14 7 Size

Excellent Design

The AC outlet wall mount is elegantly designed. It is simple yet functional.  The design is meant to blend well with Nest Cam so that the overall system looks great wherever you deploy it.

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Made for Nest Cam

Our mount was designed to precisely fit the Nest Cam.  The precision engineering ensures a robust solution.

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100% Guarantee

All of our products are engineered and manufactured with high quality standards, and we stand behind each of them. We are committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our products. If you have any issues, please contact our customer support team.

Customer Comments

This is a great little mount, and for the price it just can’t be beat. I have five nest cams around the house and at work, so this makes a nice stealth addition without the hassle of mounting and hiding wires and drilling holes etc. Comes with a short mini usb cable to replace the long one that came with the nest cam. When setup its a clean install that looks great and does not scream hey here is a camera.

-Professor H

This is great. I have always hated cables dangling from my Nest Cam as I always seem to get caught in them. This alleviates the problem. It also makes the nest cam more cosmetically appealing. Buy it, you will like it.



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Does this mount also work with Dropcam Pro?

Yes, it is compatible with both Dropcam Pro and Nest Cam.

How does the Nest Cam receive power when used with this mount?

A mini USB power cable is included in the mount in the mount package.  It is the ideal length to connect the Nest AC/DC power adapter to the Nest Cam.