Mission Power Mini USB Power Cable for the New Chromecast

MC17 3 Size

The Ideal Way to Power Chromecast

Simplify the installation of your Chromecast by powering it directly from your TV’s USB port.  The Mission Power USB Cable includes special embedded circuitry that increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port so that any port can provide sufficient power to Chromecast in any usage scenario (video streaming, downloads, gaming, etc).

This cable is the ideal length (10 inches) for conveniently connecting Chromecast to your TV’s side USB/HDMI ports.  

MC17 3 Size

Eliminate the Hassle of Using an AC Outlet

Finding an available AC outlet near your TV can be challenging, especially for wall mounted TVs.  By powering your Chromecast directly from the USB port, you can eliminate the hassle of using an AC outlet and avoid the clutter associated with an additional power cable between your TV and the AC outlet.

MC9 Product 4

Compatible with all USB Ports

Our cable includes special circuitry that increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port.  By powering Chromecast with our cable, you can be assured that even during the most demanding use cases, your TV will be able to support the power requirements of the Chromecast, ensuring a glitch-free user experience.

MC17 4 Size

Integrated Energy Storage System

Our patent pending system increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port by storing excess energy during periods when the Chromecast draws less power and then releasing it during those times when the power consumption peaks.   With our cable, your viewing experience will never be interrupted by glitches and resets caused by insufficient power delivery from your TV’s USB port to the Chromecast.

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MC17 6 Size

Made for Chromecast

Our cable was designed specifically for Chromecast and was verified to be compatible for all Chromecast use cases and with any type of TV USB port.


Is this cable compatible with the original Chromecast?

Yes, it is.

How does this cable work?

Our Mission Power USB power cable for Chromecast includes special circuitry that stores excess energy when available from the USB port and then releases it during peak power demand periods.  Consequently, there is always sufficient power available to the Chromecast.