TVPower Mini USB Power Cable for Roku Stick

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Ideal Way to Power Roku Stick

TVPower Mini USB Cable allows you to power your Roku Streaming Stick directly from your TV’s USB port. It’s the quickest and simplest way to set up your Roku.

MC2 2 Size

Avoid Jumbo USB Cables

TVPower Mini USB Cable is the perfect length for connecting your Roku to your TV’s USB port.  Long USB cables (like the 60″ jumbo USB cable included with your Roku Stick) can hang down behind your TV, cluttering your multimedia area.

MC2 3 size

Works with Any Port Orientation

The package includes two cables with opposite connector orientations so that you can make a clean power connection no matter where the USB port is located, that is above or below the HDMI port.  Use the cable with the 90 degree connector if your USB port is above your HDMI port. Use the cable with the 270 degree connector if your USB port is below your HDMI port.

MC2 4 size

Made for Roku Stick

The TVPower Mini USB Power cable for Roku Stick was designed specifically for the Roku Stick, and it is tested and verified to work with this device.

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100% Guarantee

All of our products are engineered and manufactured with high quality standards, and we stand behind each of them. We are committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our products. If you have any issues with our products, please contact our customer support team.

Customer Comments

This little cable is perfect for the Roku – I can’t imagine using the Roku without it! Who wants another cord going from your tv to the outlet, when you can just plug it right into your tv!


It certainly accomplishes that, connecting a Roku stick in an HDMI port to a nearby USB port to access power without leaving excess cable clutter to deal with. No cable ties, electrical tape, twist ties, Velcro straps, or ID tags are needed. It goes straight from point A to point B without any loops or detours.


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I absolutely love this little cable. I have a Roku stick and hated having the power supply cord dangling down the side of my TV to reach the power strip on the floor. With this nice little cable I can use the power already provided by my TV to also power my Roku stick.



How many cables are included in each package?

Each package includes two cables: one with a 90 degree connector and the other with a 270 degree connector. The two options ensure that you can make an easy connection between your USB port and HDMI port regardless of the configuration of the HDMI/USB port on your TV.

Does this cable work for all TVs?

Yes, it works for all TVs with a powered USB port.  However, service USB ports generally are not powered, so it does not work for this type.