Battery Base™ for Amazon Echo

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Untether your Echo

Move your Echo from room to room or take it outside. Battery Base by Mission Cables is a simple and convenient way to make your Echo portable. Just slip Echo into Battery Base and away you go!

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Use Echo Anywhere

Where do you want to use your Echo? Making it portable allows you to use it in your garage, office, park, pool, patio, bedroom, or virtually anywhere!


Quality Engineering

Made with the finest materials and components, Battery Base includes a soft silicone inner material that grips Echo for a secure attachment.  The no-slip material on the bottom provides stability to your Echo no matter where you decide to use it.  The system also includes Texas Instruments’ advanced high efficiency battery management system and a microprocessor.

Battery Base - How it Works

How it Works

Battery Base easily attaches to Echo. Once it is attached, you can use the Amazon Echo power adapter to keep the Battery Base charged. Then when you are ready to move Echo, just disconnect the adapter and go!


Advanced Features

The Battery Base includes an on/off button so that you can preserve battery life while your Echo is not in use. It also includes low battery and charging status indicator LEDs. These advanced features make Battery Base easy to use.


Durable Design

The Battery Base is made of durable material so that you can use Echo in almost any environment. The base is designed to securely attach to the Echo, and the no-slip material on the bottom of Battery Base gives it stability on any surface. With Battery Base, you can use Echo anywhere, including while you are gardening.

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Up to 6 hours of battery life

Battery Base has an embedded high performance lithium-ion battery which provides up to six hours of continuous audio playback.


Use while charging

Battery Base is designed to be used while it is plugged into the wall adapter.  Most users find it convenient to leave the Battery Base/Echo system plugged in during normal usage so that it is always charged and ready for portable use.


Patents Pending

We take intellectual property seriously. Battery Base is protected by patent filings.   Please consult a qualified patent attorney prior to developing similar Echo accessories.


Sleek Design

Battery Base is slim and blends seamlessly with Echo. Compare to bulky competitive solutions which detract from the original Amazon design.


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Fall Protection

Battery Base has a soft silicone pad that protects Echo from accidental falls while you are on the move. With Battery Base, you can be assured that your Echo is protected.

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Introduction to Battery Base for Echo