Quickload™ Spools for Black&Decker Trimmers

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Quickload 0.065” Spool for BLACK&DECKER String Trimmers (Replacement Autofeed Spool), 3-Pack (compatible with AF-100)

Save time and money by choosing the Quickload spools for Black&Decker grass trimmers.  These spools are designed and manufactured by us to be an improved option over other spools available today.

Premium Nylon Line

Premium 0.065-inch diameter line easily cuts through grass and tough weeds. Note: Wear eye protection and long pants when using this product to avoid injury.

Compatible with AF-100 Spool from B&D

Compatible with most Black and Decker models including: LCC140, GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, ST6600, ST7000, ST7700, CST1000, CST1200, CST2000, MTC220, MTE912, NST2018, NST1118, NST2118, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST136, LSTE525

Simple and Fast

Quickload(TM) style for fast and easy replacements. Each spool is factory wound for highest reliability.

40FT Length = 30% More

40FT length (30% more than similar models) results in time saved reloading spools.

Other Quickload Spools Coming Soon

Check back later for new Quickload spools for other grass trimmer brands.

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Lifetime Warranty

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