Mission Power USB Power Cable for Fire TV Box

MC8 1 Size

Ideal Way to Power Fire TV

Made with premium components, the Mission Power USB power cable simplifies the setup of your Fire TV Box.  Just plug the cable into your TV’s USB port and Fire TV Stick and start streaming movies to your TV.  It’s that easy!

MC8 2 Size

No AC Wall Outlet Required

Use the Mission Power USB power cable instead of the AC/DC adapter included with your Fire TV Box, thereby eliminating the need for an AC wall outlet.

Not only is powering your Fire TV Box from your USB port more convenient– it also de-cluttters your TV area by eliminating the need for the long cables that typically hang behind your TV.

MC8 5 Size


The Mission Power USB power cable is compatible with all 900mA or greater USB ports, or you can use the included adapter to connect two 500mA ports together.  Unfortunately, given the high power consumption of Fire TV Box, our cable is designed to use two 500 mA USB ports to supply the necessary power. One is not sufficient. Check your TV USB port to see what type you have. If you have a blue colored port or a port labeled as 900 mA or greater, you will only need to use one USB port rather than two.

MC8 3 Size

Integrated Energy Storage System

Our patent pending system increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port by storing excess energy during periods when the Fire TV draws less power and then releasing it during those times when the power consumption peaks.  With our cable, your viewing experience will never be interrupted by glitches and resets caused by insufficient power delivered to the Fire TV via your TV’s USB port.

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MC8 4 Size

Made for Fire TV Box

Our cable was tested and verified to work with Fire TV Box. No matter how you use your Fire TV Box, your USB port will have sufficient power to prevent any glitches or resets.


Is this cable compatible with the Fire TV Stick?

No, this product is not compatible with Fire TV Stick.  Please see our Mission Power Cable for Fire TV Stick for more information about our Fire TV Stick USB power cable solution.

Does this cable work with the 1st generation Fire TV Box?

No, it does not.  The original Fire TV box used a different sized DC input port, so this cable is only compatible with the current version of Fire TV Box.

How does your cable work?

Our Mission Power USB power cable for Fire TV Box includes special circuitry that stores excess energy when available from the USB port and then releases it during peak power demand periods.  In this way, there is always sufficient power available to the Fire TV Box.